Monday, February 13, 2012

OZ3FD's Crystal-Clear Remembrance

Hi Henry,

I heard you the other evening on 80m CW with a galena and
cat's whisker ("Crystal") receiver. I used a BFO of course, but your signal did all the work. It's pretty neat to think that your signal travelled from Denmark to Vermont and still had enough energy remaining to wiggle the diaphrams in my headphones! You were a perfect copy here...every bit as loud as some domestic stations.

Mike, AA1TJ

Hi Michael,

Some actor once said, "Make my day" - I know at the time it was said it had another meaning. But never the less - Thank you very much for the SWL report recieved on a reciever that could had been made 90 yrs ago. You did not make my day, you made much more.

My thoughts was immediately back to the time where I sat in the shack listening to my father, OZ6PK, making QSO`s with his two tube AM transmitter. Me siting on the floor making the kind of reciever you heard me on.

Writing these lines brings tears in my eyes - not sad tears, but tears of good memories.

Today, as you could hear, I have a good set-up using the K3 with an old Heathkit PA aproxx 500 watt. The antenna is a vertical with 1 km. radials.

Best of 73,
Henry, OZ3FD