Friday, September 2, 2011

Tropical Storm Irene in Vermont

Dear Friends,

Victoria and I are safe, however tropical storm Irene produced significant damage to the buildings, roads and bridges in my town of Roxbury, Vermont.  

Victoria walked down our road to take these photographs on Monday, the 29th of August. A member of the road crew took this picture of her standing in the middle of our road. The former road bed was roughly level with the undisturbed grass above Vic's head.

By Monday afternoon the road crew was already working on a temporary one-lane road built from trucked-in fill. These guys are incredible.

This is a section of main-line track over which Amtrak's Vermonter normally passes. This track is located less than a mile from our house.


 As bad as things were here, other Vermonters had it much worse. It's a great sorrow to see the damage done to our beautiful Vermont and it's wonderful folk.