Friday, July 15, 2011

F6HKA via D-Cell DX

Back home now (and using a new D-Cell battery!)...F6HKA replied to my CQ on 15/7/11. Bert began with 400w on his end but quickly dropped down to 5w. I had a perfect, 549 copy of his signal with my 20m receiver made from a diode mixer and a one-transistor audio frequency amplifier. His, "VY FB INCREDIBLE" CW exclamation translates to a Milliwatter's "home run." :o)     

Bert emailed later, "Your 85mW doing a very nice job and your report was really 559." We had a very solid contact lasting some ten minutes....a wonderful QRP/QRPp QSO!


  1. Hello Michael, It's really amazing to make such a FB QSO with only 85 mW. I never call CQ, but always S&P with very low power. Congrats on this great achievement. It's a great thrill.
    Did you also notice, that when Bert F6HKA went from 400 W to 5 W, his signal could still be copied and only the back ground noise increases. hi
    73, Bert PA1B

  2. Thanks Bert!
    I agree, QRPp contacts are generally more difficult to snag by calling CQ vs. S&P. Of course it's nice to see the RBN hits when calling CQ; even when no QSOs were achieved. I generally try my luck using both methods.

    Happy Milliwatting!
    Mike, AA1TJ

  3. I was quite happy hitting the RBN with a completely homebuilt RockMite (Manhattan style) on 10.116MHz, running 500mW from northern England to Reykjavic! Making it all the way to France with 85mW is just fantastic! I'll be running quite a few 'mW rigs' this weekend during my local club's camping weekend. I hope to emulate your success!

    All the best
    Colin, M0CGH

  4. Hello Colin,
    Thanks for the FB message. Congratulations on the UK -> Iceland RBN capture of your HB RockMite signal! I hope you had fun with your QRPp rigs over the weekend. Keep the mWs flying Colin!

    Mike, AA1TJ

  5. I sure did have fun! I worked Norbert, DL2DBU, running about 340mW from a home made Tuna Tin 2 (not from a kit)transmitter on 7.030MHz, gaining a 339 report. I used a Sudden Storm from W1REX for RX. I also worked Hans,HB9UH, running the home brew rockMite 30 at just a shade over 500mW. Milliwatting is just fantastic! 73 Colin

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