Saturday, December 18, 2010

RAC Winter Contest

I used my one-transistor, 80m, Reggie transceiver to make fifteen contacts in the RAC Winter Contest last evening. I operated for just over two hours with an RF output power of 57mW and no receiver gain

Minnesota's WA0MHJ (1613km) was my best DX of the night, followed by N4DW operating from Tennessee (1168km) and VE1OP in Nova Scotia (1007km). 

This evening I worked fourteen Canadian stations in the RAC Contest. A newly recharged battery pushed my RF output power up to 80mW. The best DX tonight was VO2RAC/VO2NS in Newfoundland (1074km), VE1AYY in Nova Scotia (759km) and VY2RAC/VY2LI on Prince Edward Island (741km).

I made 29 contacts (one duplicate) in total; working six provinces (ON, QC, NS, NB, NL, PE) and four of the fourteen "RAC" stations.  

Minimalism and QRPp fun aside, I enjoyed taking part in the RAC Winter Contest using a radio named in honor of the great, Canadian radio pioneer, Reginald Fessenden.

My thanks to all!

Mike, AA1TJ

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